Why look! Another guest blogger! This time it’s Neely Quinn, the pint-sized dynamo who runs The Paleo Plan!


Mel, Holly, and I  met Neely last fall when she attended our Do It Better! Paleo Seminar in Estes Park, Colorado. Not too long ago, she reached out to me and volunteered to guest post about making a super-simple two-ingredient dairy-free yogurt in the oven. That’s right: TWO INGREDIENTS. The technique was so novel and easy that I had to take her up on her offer. Teach us, Neely!

Luckily for me — but very unfortunately for her — my friend Cat Caruso has so many food sensitivities that she has to be creative in the kitchen.

Cat’s culinary accomplishments range from the most perfect coconut macaroons ever created, to a tender delectable crock-pot lamb roast, to coconut milk ice cream, and last but not least…coconut milk yogurt.

Obviously, her food sensitivities don’t extend to coconut.

Why had I not thought of coconut milk yogurt before!? Sometimes when she tells me what she’s just whimsically whipped up, I feel really stupid for not having done it before myself.


Not only is coconut milk yogurt a fantastic idea, it’s really delicious. It’s tangy, creamy, and satisfying like yogurt should be. One thing to note is there’s pretty much no protein in it, so you’ll have to get your grams somewhere else.

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Shit just got real. Prepped lunch for the next few days. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail ;) #edamame #chicken #avocado #broccoli #asparagus #fruits ! #mealprep #cleaneats #health #healthfood #healthyfood #paleo #eatingclean #cleanse #cleaneating #foodporn by mehreein


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Hopeless romantics and red-rose haters can look to one source for their love or cynicism every…

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Seems pretty easy to me!!


Small website with tasty and affordable treats!


EDIT: Refreshed for 2013 with some new recipe sites.

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as promised, here is a short list of some of my favorite recipe sites (plus a bonus:books!) (paleo food porn + recipes) (MORE paleo food porn +…

Here’s our Oscars style tribute to the greatest recipes to grace the paleo blogosphere. We’ve put together a gallery of our top 100 dishes; those which we love, many we can’t wait to try and some which just look damn tasty! We hope you enjoy this feast for your eyes.

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Five years ago, at the age of 45, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, a fast growing invasive bugger that surely would have killed me without medical intervention. Over the course of two and a half years, I had eight surgeries and six rounds of chemo. That is a lot of time with a lot of enforced inactivity and the pounds just piled up. Chemo also does a number on your thyroid function which didn’t help any.

And then there is the psychological aspect of being seriously ill. The feeling of, screw it, I’m going to finish the pizza if I feel like it. I have cancer. A few extra pounds are the least of my problems.

As it turns out, those extra pounds were a major problem. When I asked my oncologist what I should be doing to help prevent a recurrence, his first words were a no-nonsense, “You need to lose weight. Extra fat cells are a source of estrogen which can trigger cancers such as this.”

That was the kick in the pants that I needed to start doing something about the problem. But where to start?

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Going primal is easy when you can eat delicious things. Homemade burger patty with melted feta cheese and bacon, wrapped in fresh lettuce, sprinkled with dry feta, and topped with a fried egg! Sooooo good. And I FEEL good after it.